The Renegade Mustang Club is a private and exclusive group of Wild Wacky
Mustang Lovers.
The establishment of the Renegade Mustang Club was the first weekend of
June 1999. Seven Mustangers from Four different Mustang Clubs in
Washington decided early in the month of May that we thought it would be
different to go and check out the Ford/Mustang show in Hillsboro, OR, after
all none of us had ever been to that show, well actually one Mustanger had
been going to Hillsboro for years, but they spend the night the day before the
show! The rest of us, Mustangers decided to make a day trip of it, and this is
after coming back from the Memorial show in Richland the weekend before
the show in Hillsboro! Boy, were we energetic Mustangers back then!

The Four different Mustang Clubs of Washington that were represented in
this endeavor and O’dark Thirty trip, were; Kitsap Mustang Club (4), Pierce
County (1), Mustangs Northwest (1), and Island Classic Mustang Club (1).
After the show and on our way home, that’s when the Seven of us starting
thinking of what we needed to call ourselves, after all we were the group of
Mustangers that were always at the different shows since 1995, showing Our
support for them, no matter how small the club, they needed us to be there to
help them survive the winter dry show spell! Lots of names were tossed
around (Magnificent Seven) you know the Western names! Renegade was
tossed in the hat so to speak and every one of us agreed with it, so there you
have it, Renegades it is!

In the year that the International show was in Cody, Wyoming a couple of
the members that were going through a Western Souvenir shop found us a
show pin for the Renegades and there just happened to be Seven pins left in
stock, so the pins were bought out and given to the rest of the Renegades
upon their return to Washington State at the next show all of us would attend!

In the years, since the Renegades establishment, we’ve also added a mascot
to our corral, sometimes you’ll see the Painted-Pony which is on some of the
Renegades Stangs, his name has been dubbed, “Wild Thing”, just couldn’t
help ourselves!