RUSTY 07/85 - 12/00
I could not have a pet page without Rusty being a part of it.  He was well
known throughout the Mustang community and was the Renegade mascot
until his passing.  I think everyone has memories of his antics and
intellegence...what other dog could untangle himself when his leash was
wrapped around something.
No he didn't jump up onto the car, I placed him there for the photo.
At Yellowstone NP with the Alvarezes after the Cody, WY, International
Mustang Meet.
Tanner Champaign  03/01 - 05/12
After Rusty I found my next companion, Tanner Champaign - Tanner for short,
at the Tacoma Humane Society.  He's a Shih Tzu and had adapted well to the
Mustang community, and greeted everyone.   He had one obsession though -
he didn't like motorcycles as anyone who is behind us on a cruise or going
from one place to another can attest to.  Let a motorcycle pass or be around
and Tanner will take it on - barking up a storm.   They motorcylists get a kick
out of him just barking away at them.
FINLEY  10/12 - 5/15
I picked up Finley (Finn) from Furbaby Rescue.   I was browsing the Furbaby
Rescue web site and they had recently picked him up from the Seattle Humane
Society.  He had the similar healt problems as Tanner, so I knew what to
expect.  He had several teeth removed due to various issues so he only has a
few to eat with, but that doesn't stop him from chowing down.  He's not as
outgoing as Tanner nor does he mind motorcycles, in fact he ignores them,
which is one thing Tanner did not do - as everyone knows.   He was about nine
years old when I adopted him.
His first day home, he was a tired pouch.
Taking a rest from playing
One of his favorite play toys, he loves the way it squeeks and rolls on it to
make it sqeek.
Roscoe  10/15 - Current
Roscoe is my most recent companion.  I picked him up from 'Rescue Me' an
adoption web site.  I actually picked him up from his owners when they were
getting ready to leave the country and could not take him with them.  He was
around six years old when I adopted him.  His markings are similar to Finley's but  
he doesn't have the health issues.  He's not really into car shows - the reviving of
the engine bothers him quite a bit.  He likes going on walks and getting out and
about.  At home he barks at the squirrels as much as I let him.  After a while it
becomes a bit much, so then he goes to his bed and sulks.  
Waiting for the squirrels to show up
Now where did they go??
He also does a lot of sleeping